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What do you get by joining Skroutz?

What are the business development tools offered by Skroutz?

How does it work?

either by linking your XML file, or directly on our platform. After that, you can define and edit product information, prices, and stock.

and select a preferred date and time for the courier company to collect the package from your store.

and print the vouchers that we have prepared for you along with the receipts and simply hand over the packages to the courier company.

once a week for the total amount of completed orders, minus the total commission.

How much does it cost?

Basic Package

The Basic Package requires an annual subscription and is designed to cover the needs of any business, regardless of its size. It comes with a range of tools and services that are essential for developing your store and will be continuously upgraded by our team. 496 € / year

% Sales Commission
What is included:
    • Access to online orders
    • Store reviews
    • Official Reseller badge
    • International order shipments
      Storage service (Fulfilled by Skroutz)*
    • Storing and fulfilling orders in the Skroutz warehouse
      Display in suggested purchase options (Buy Box)
    • Access to the Express Delivery service
    • Pro Seller badge
      Promotion options
    • Ability to participate in product advertisements
    • Product suggestions for combined purchases
    • Participation in Skroutz Plus Deals
      Associate Training
    • Access to educational material and personalized trainings, through Skroutz Academy Webinars
    • *Fulfilled by Skroutz service has an additional commission fee per order

    • Access to Skroutz Merchants portal
    • Contact Skroutz Support Team for assistance
    • Ability to manage an unlimited number of products
    • Easy order management and processing
    • Integration with your store management system
    • Weekly cashback on your orders
      Customer support
    • Specialised team ready to help all Skroutz users
    • Multiple payment options, including interest-free and interest-bearing installments, BNPL, card payments, and cash-on-delivery
    • Invoicing
    • Store performance statistics
    • Statistics for overall financial performance
    • Statistics on overall business performance
      Product statistics
    • Analysis of popular products
    • Product price range information
+ Additional Packages

Choose one or more of our additional specialized packages, depending on the specific needs of your business. Each additional package comes with monthly subscription fee.

Data & Insights

90€ / month plus VAT

    What's included
  • Monitoring of your store's top-performing products and categories
  • Monitoring of your store's least popular products and categories
  • Recommendations for improving your store's product range
  • Tracking sales trends for the product categories in which your store operates
Brand Booster

90€ / month plus VAT

    What's included
  • Promotion of your Store Page in prominent areas of the platform
  • Display of your store name in strategic locations (product reviews, order confirmation page, suggested purchase options)
  • Promotion of your store's products in order status emails
  • Customized appearance of your Products' Page (storefront)
Smart Finance

50€ / month plus VAT

    What's included
  • Daily cashback for all orders paid by (credit or debit) card

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